Track Club Initiation - 8 Week 5k Training

Track Club Initiation - 8 Week 5k Training

from 50.00 every month for 2 months

Dates: July 22 - September 15

Races: The Q 5k

Calling all track club newbies. This training program is your initiation into running. Featuring an 8-week build up from walking to running 3 miles, this program is for you if you’re a beginner or wanting a more comprehensive running program. Club membership includes daily workout assignments, warmups, strength training and stretching routines.

Tulsa Track Club Initiation (In Club Membership) - $125 per month, includes training plan and membership to club gym hours, great for Tulsans looking for a running community.

Remote Track Club Initiation - $50 per month, includes training program, great for out-of-towners or people who want individual workout schedules.

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